GRÜN MATRIX riporta le impressioni di primo „Prati Dispari“ da #RAAME

12.7.2021 admin GÄSTEBUCH-Einträge

In der letzten „Grüne Matrix“ (den AGRÖK-Vereinsnachrichten) haben wir vom kleinen Neue-Musik-Festival in unserer Nachbarschaft, dem ersten „Prati Dispari“-Event unten an der Nove-Vene-Brücke am 3.7.21 berichtet. 2 Wochen darauf findet bereits die nächste Ausgabe statt, lebendiges Land eben. Der Kurzbericht wurde von Antonio & Roberta in englischer Übersetzung auf deren RAAME-Seite gepostet unter der Beschreibung
>> Il loro blog GRÜN MATRIX riporta le impressioni di questo primo evento da #RAAME << und kommt bei dieser Gelegenheit als Nur-Text auch hier zur Veröffentlichung:
AT THE START OF THE NEW FINANCIAL YEAR, we had a wonderful premiere: The „Prati Dispari“ festival
on July 3rd […] – Rustic simplicity at the foot of the nature park, a mélange of experimental DJ sound, new music from the Ferienkurse°-direction and audiovisual performance art (big here Stefania Pedretti with her stunning ‚ritual‘)^ as well as the family atmosphere of the small DIY- and condivio-scene made the long night (which for the fitter millennials of course lasted for the early hours of the morning) an impressive experience, reminiscent of old „Guts Pie Earshot“-times on those squatted open-air „Wagenburg“-places […]

° The used label Ferienkurse-Edition clearly refers to the Darmstadt Summer Course-Festivals of the „Internationeles Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD)“, which is dedicated to the care of contemporary-experimental forms of music and composition. The „summer courses“ have been organized as a mix of summer academy, festival and discourse platform since 1946 and have become an international meeting place for composers, interpreters, performers, sound artists and researchers of new music. ==>
^ Stefania Pedretti is in a class of her own, the picture here comes from a 2010 gig in Berlin’s Ostkreuz with OvO. This two-person-project made her world famous in the punk-noise- metal-scene, by the UNDERDOG-FANZINE called „roughly Europe’s dark answer to the famous Jucifer“ (veeery „roughly“), by PITCHFORK celebrated as the new Yoko Ono and by DECIBEL as a single „David Lynch Dance Party“. The GRÜNE MATRIX prefers to link a dumb-cheeked Metalhead slap from the overground-babbit’s „“, because the brain-greasily limited horizon of such trimmed Schwabbels reveals itself so nicely that way. The slap of the self-titled „Redakteur“ and amateur writer Norbert C., ends with „not worth the material that is used for it. Before I listen to this disc again, I go to my mother and watch Carmen Nebel’s ‚crown of folk music‘ with her. There I get at least a beer with it… Sample: Heino – Hazelnut. Is not from this CD, but still better“. And when I look at the photo of this bloated mother’s boy and schwarzbraunen sample-tipper, I want to hope that this boring that has become Klops, will stay eternally with his mother and never bothers me about a BIRRA NATURALE. The text to laugh about ==> — The record to hear and watch ==> ]

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